All players get a DeadZone LED Transmitter to wear as a badge outside their clothing. These cool devices immediately identify who is in the game.  They interact with each other (send/receive signals) within a 3-foot be sure to stay alert!

Transmitters work differently depending on whether you are a ZVOC Team member or a zombie. Check PLAYING THE GAME to find out how these hi-tech devices function.


We have done everything in our power to help you complete your dangerous mission. As part of the ZVOC Team you will receive:

— Cryptic information that you must decipher to reveal the hidden location of the Data Collection Sites.

— Your device not only enables you to check in at the 6 hidden data sites but it also displays your level of virus exposure.

DeadZone Map
— Your guide to finding these important places within the area of play:


Where you can recover from exposure to the virus and return to a healthy state. This only works for the ZVOC Team; it has no effect on zombies.


Where you (and zombies) can pause your Transmitters to take a break from your stressful missions. You can stay safe while you eat, drink, and relax.


Where you sign in, pick up, and return your Transmitters.  At this command hub, all the collected data is recorded and prizes are awarded.


ZVOC does not feel obligated to help you.  Therefore, you receive just the following minimum equipment:

Transmitter — Your device only spreads pure evil. It cannot download data. It cannot change to a healthy state.

DeadZone Map — Your guide to locate the Safety Bunkers where you can pause your Transmitter when you want to eat, drink, and relax; and to find DeadZone Headquarters at the end of the game.