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Q: I am not sure I understand what kind of game this is?
A: It's an outdoor Escape Game, a Scavenger Hunt, and an interactive Zombie "tag" all-in-one.

Q: What’s the DeadZone?
A: The DeadZone is the area of game play where all the checkpoints are located. When you arrive at headquarters and register for the game, the ZVOC leader will define the area for you.

Q: What’s the age range for this game?
A: The game is for adults and kids starting at age 12. Because the puzzles might be difficult for younger kids to solve, we recommend that children under 12 be accompanied by an adult. Note: While all participants must sign a liability waiver, everyone under the age of 18 needs a parent or guardian's signature.

Q: Is the game very physical?
A: You will be required to use your mind AND your body. There is a lot of walking, so please wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to be moving the entire 90 minutes.

Q: What is the LED proximity-based technology and how does it work?
A: Each player will have a wearable badge given to them upon registration. This device will show the players current health status: HEALTHY, INFECTED, ZOMBIE, or IMMUNE. Evryone starts out HEALTHY. As you progress through the game, you must avoid infectious hazards while solving all of the puzzles hidden throughout the DeadZone. If you come in contact with a hazard, you will be INFECTED and must locate a checkpoint within an allotted amount of time to be healed before you turn into an infection-spreading ZOMBIE. If you find all of the checkpoints and collect all the data for the cure, you will finish the game, achieve the health status of IMMUNE, and be able to help other players.

Q: How do we find the checkpoints you keep talking about?
A: All the checkpoints are hidden throughout the DeadZone. You mission is to solve the puzzles; they reveal where the checkpoints are located. As soon as you find enough checkpoints required for the cure, head back to headquarters to save humanity.

Q: Does getting infected mean someone is going to touch me.
A: This is a NO CONTACT experience that we enforce. The technology is proximity-based set for a 3-foot radius. If you come within 3 feet of anything that has been infected by the zombie virus, you will catch it. This includes all zombie hazards. You will be ejected from the game if you tamper with any hazards or touch any game players.

Q: Is this for single players or groups?
A: The fun of this game is twofold, competing against other players and staying “alive" to finish the game. You can buy a single ticket but forming a group is recommended and ultimately more fun. This Escape Game is designed for team building and bonding. We want you to have fun with your friends, family, or co-workers while achieving a unified goal. You should try to limit your team to a maximum of 8 people. If want to play as a team, please arrive together for registration.

Q: How do you win the game?
A: The first individual person or team that solves the puzzles, collects the data, and returns to headquarters will win a big prize. Prizes will vary from week to week depending on the sponsors.