At the start

The game starts at the DeadZone Headquarters. This is where you register and get your  equipment.

HUMANS get Transmitters and a DeadZone map.  The map includes puzzles and clues to help you find the checkpoints where you can download the data needed to win.

ZOMBIES get a Transmitter and a DeadZone map.  Your only goal in your afterlife is to eliminate the human race. 


In play

HUMANS — Your Transmitters have a color indicator to show your level of infection. GREEN means you are healthy, YELLOW means you have been exposed to the virus have a limited amount of time to find the next checkpoint to get cured. If you are exposed again, your color indicator turns RED, you cannot be cured, and have become a zombie yourself. When you have have downloaded data from 6 checkpoints, your color indicator turns WHITE and you have won!!

ZOMBIES — Your Transmitters are merciless, human-killing machines. They automatically emit a toxic ray and spread virus whenever you come within 3 feet of a ZVOC Team member. The color indicator on your Transmitters is always RED.

Warning Notice.png

Remember: Your MUST wear your Transmitter as a badge outside your clothing where it is visible and can transmit or receive signals.

If your Transmitter is blocked, it registers as a viral exposure and your color indicator will change.

At the finish

When time has run out, everyone must go the DeadZone Headquarters and return the Transmitters. They are government property, contain highly sensitive data, and are under maximum security.

HUMANS — Because the US government appreciates your patriotic efforts, all of you are duly recognized and the best data collectors of the evening receive special honors.

ZOMBIES — For all your heinous acts of wickedness, you get a just and appropriate reward. ZVOC also hopes that you find a way to clean your karma.

Which should you be?

Can't decide?  Take this test to see if you should be a HUMAN or a ZOMBIE.