Attention:  All Citizens and Emergency Personnel

A horrible Zombie virus has hit Provincetown. The U.S. Department of Zombie Virus Outbreak Containment (ZVOC) has been working to combat this terrifying plague. They have successfully defined the infected areas, called the DeadZone, where the zombie infection is concentrated...and they need your help.

ZVOC has set up Data Collection Sites hidden throughout each DeadZone that detect and store important information about the hazardous virus. ZVOC needs a team of fearless citizens to safely navigate through the DeadZone, locate these sites, and download the data from each one...before time runs out.

You and your team have 90 minutes to solve the puzzles and collect the data. Compete against other teams of scavengers to find the cure, while staying clear of the zombie infection.

Race to cure humanity from the Zombie Apocalypse!

Will your team survive the outbreak? Recruit your friends and join us for our 90-minute  outdoor Escape Game Adventure!!