FROM:  U.S. Department of Zombie Virus Containment

TO:  All Citizens and Emergency Personnel

The recent rise in ocean temperatures has caused bizarre mutations of aquatic microbes and there have been frightening reports of a zombie virus in our country.

The U.S. Department of Zombie Virus Outbreak Containment (ZVOC) has been working to combat this horrific plague. They have successfully defined the infected areas, called the DeadZone, where the zombie horde is circulating...and they need your help.

ZVOC has set up Data Collection Sites hidden throughout each DeadZone that detect and store important information about the hazardous virus. ZVOC needs a team of fearless citizens to safely navigate through the DeadZone, locate these sites, and download the data from each one...before time runs out. 


It's a post-apocalypse scavenger hunt with two ways to play!

Join the ZVOC Team: Save Humanity

Should you accept this mission, you face two serious challenges:

1) Your life is in danger.  
The virus is contagious within a three-foot range. Zombies with this deadly virus look like normal people. They are difficult to identify until they are too close.

2) You must crack the classified code.
Because the data you must download is “top secret”, the Data Collection Sites are undercover and information about their location has been encrypted.

Join the Zombies: Spread the Virus

Feeling evil?  We understand that not everyone trusts the government.

Maybe you do not feel compelled toward civic duty or malevolence is lurking in your heart. You can enter the DeadZone as a zombie! Roam wherever you want and wreak total destruction on humanity. 

Your goal is to hunt down the ZVOC Team, infect as many as you can, and prevent them from completing their mission.  Go crazy!

All players wear cool LED Transmitters that interact with each other and with different devices at locations spread throughout the town. 

Should you be a zombie or a human? Take this test to find out.